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    Product Description
    Rated Voltage:220V
    Rated Input Power:1100W
    Impact energy:18J
    No Load Speed:0-3900R/min
    Drilling diameter:1-28mm

    A hammer drill having a hammer tube rotatably supported in a housing is rotatably driven by a transmission gear of a transmission disposed on the hammer tube and having an impact mechanism disposed in the hammer tube Having a piston that can be driven into a reciprocating stroke and a working type changeover switch for a working type “percussion drill” and “chisel drill”, which has a manually operable A conversion knob and a conversion mechanism connected with the conversion knob. The conversion mechanism couples the hammer tube with the transmission gear in the setting position of the conversion knob, and makes the hammer tube non-rotatable in the setting position “chisel soldering” Is fixed in the housing, characterized in that the switching mechanism has a switching ring which can be fixed in a rotationally fixed and axially displaceable manner on the hammer tube, which switching ring has, on its outer side facing away from the hammer tube, at least one radial Protruding locking lugs, which locking lugs are configured for: on the one hand, in the circumferential direction, a positive-locking insertion of at least one axial groove And on the other hand form-locking in the circumferential direction inserted into the fixed portion of the housing of the axial tooth.

    Personal protection when using a hammer drill
    1, the operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes, face up when the operation, to wear protective masks.
    2, long-term operation to plug earplugs, to reduce the impact of noise.
    3, long-term drill bit in the burning state, the replacement should pay attention to burn the skin.
    4, the operation should be used side handle, hands operation, in order to stop the reaction when the force sprain arm.
    5, standing on the ladder work or work height should do a good job fall measures, the ladder should be ground support staff.China Demolition Hammer