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    AC power screw air compressor is also be named regular rotary screw air compressor, Instead of pistons and valves producing the compressed air, rotary screw air compressors use male and female rotors with an extremely small amount of space between them. Air comes in through the intake and mixes with the lubricant and spins through the rotors. Once the air and lubricant pass through the rotors, they are separated through a filter. The air then goes out to the air system or tank and the lubricant is collected in a sump. The larger the rotors, the more volume of air (CFM) can be produced. Since the rotors do not touch, they are under much less stress than a piston air compressor and it can run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week if needed, where a piston type has a maximum duty cycle of 75% and many times lower. (Some manufacturers claim 100%, but that is simply marketing and they will typically have small print saying to allow up to 30% for leaks and such)
    Capacity:2.7~3.8 m³/minPressure:7~12.5bar
    Electricity:380V/50HZProtection class:IP23/IP54 only for motor
    Driven mode:DirectStarting Mode:Y-△ Start
    Dimension:1380*850*1160mmNet weight:445kgs
    Noise:Low noiseWarranty:1 year for whole machine, 2years for airend.
    Shipping port:Shengzhen YantianPacking:Inner PE film, outside wooden case
    1. The machine has a comprehensive noise protection, environmental protection, energy saving, quiet.
    2. Rational design reduces the number of pipe fittings, ensuring no leakage phenomenon.
    3. With a unique outer box to disassemble the whole structure, making the repair and maintenance work real barrier.Regular Screw Air Compressor in stock