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When you are happy you need coffee!

When you are sad you need coffee!

When you wanna talk you not only need coffee you need JOCC: Jharkhand Open Coffee club

And that’s where we are. JOCC is “The Group” when you need “The Answer”. Everyone is warmly welcomed here. Professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and much more are the happy members of this group. Not only young entrepreneurs even some of the seasoned government officials are there for discussion over a cup of coffee.😊

An open club: JOCC! And it’s not a concept in Bangalore or Hyderabad, it is in our very own city Ranchi.Yes, it is. The one stop shop for all your entrepreneurship queries in Jharkhand. It was a pleasant surprise to see the number of mushrooming startups in the state, and every single entrepreneur doing remarkably well in their respective areas. To hear the success stories as some startup founders mesmerised us with their experiences was the encouraging factor of the meetup, which even provoked newbies like me to think about my very own entrepreneurial stint.

JOCC has a masterful ability to act as a thriving platform for upcoming and existing startups. It is a pleasure to join JOCC and be surrounded by the creative energy of the young entrepreneurs. Thanks to the founders of JOCC for coming up with such a brilliant idea and helping us all to find the best solution to the problems that crawl up in our quest for the perfect business.

JOCC is by the people, to the people, and for the people. 😃 It’s a flat organisation meaning no hierarchies. This open nature is highly conducive to the free flow of ideas irrespective of age, professional experience and area of expertise.

The most important take away from the JOCC meet up for a newbie like me was loads of encouragement to embark on a journey of my own and the fact I learned that the only superseding factor in making any venture a success is your perseverance. As vouched by many entrepreneurs the never give up attitude in the face of all odds ultimately leads you to glory.

My suggestions to all the people who have never attended a JOCC meetup, just jump into the Storm of techies, entrepreneurs, managers, government officials and much more. And you’ll feel blown away by the whirlwind of ideas that happens to be in the young members of JOCC. Witness your state growing with you. Learn the steps to move ahead. Share your experiences and enrich others with your ideas.

My compliments on the way JOCC conducts the meet ups. Best wishes for the many more meet-ups that would be surely happening and the milestone JOCC would accomplish acting as an open platform for wannabe entrepreneurs.

JOCC is just a click away:

Best wishes

Ar. Ravee Singh Shahdeo

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