Jharkhand Open Coffee Club - Place where doers hang-out
This is an open club. Everyone's invited. This club will help Jharkhand leapfrog its current status-quo and help contribute to the growth of India. We will see a better tomorrow!
Objective of this Club:
  1. Helping Jharkhand Startups, entrepreneurs & small business enterprises.
  2. Building & developing the culture of Startups & entrepreneurship in Jharkhand
  3. Important & useful information resource for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small business owners.
  4. Share views & opinion for improving Jharkhand Startup Ecosystem.
  5. Bringing international support, projects & business for Jharkhand.
  6. This group will be the open group for sharing new Ideas, getting help in sales, marketing, lead generation, digital marketing, finance, laws & tax related pain area.
Innovation & change is the backbone for any startups & business. So, be innovative & keep improving. Let's work towards building a better future, together.

We are meeting at 2 locations. 1) Ranchi :- Audrey House, Ranchi Every Third Saturday of month 2) Jamsedhpur :- La Gravitea,House No#2, Circuit House Area (North), Army Camp Road, Opp. Rifle Club, Jamshedpur First Saturday after 10th of every month

Facebook page is best place to learn about JOCC

Featured Startup Initiative - July 2016

As a part of JOCC Meetup held on 23-July-16, Govt of Jharkhand has proposed to showcase two startups every 2-weeks for press and media. If you are a startup; please send details to amitesh@99Leap.com requesting "To be Featured"

Following details are required

Startup Name: with URL

Problem you are Solving: A brief clear 2-3 line description

Working since and whom to connect/Team(s)

Place you call home

What help do you need?

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JOCC Collaboration Platform
JOCC is a place where you would find people with diverse skills coming together. You can fill this form and be part of many interesting threads which are happening at JOCC.

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Venue for Meetup

Our Meetup Point at Ranchi is Audrey House, Kanke Road and La Gravetea, Jamsedhpur. We found venue to be productive. However, if you want to host a meetup or plan to propose a meetup nextdoor - please feel free to recommend

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You get 9 minutes to talk about your observation, ideas, change, gameplan, pitch or just anything as JOCC talk. Right now, it's limited for 4 members each meetup. If you want to talk about something important - reach out to us!

Please feel free to talk. Fill details here.

JOCC Merchendise

You have an option of a Blue and a White Coffee mug from JOCC. Please visit our shop/store on Facebook to order one.

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One of the important values of the Group - No Guideline to follow, Open, and One Can Agree to Dis-Agree

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3rd Saturday each month

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